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Stuart has mediated disputes involving the following issues:

Dispute regarding the terms of a lease to be negotiated between the executors of a landlord and the business tenants
of land within the deceased’s estate, arising out of allegations
of understandings and agreements reached between the deceased and the tenant.

Dispute between the beneficiaries of two separate estates
as to the ownership of a house
shared between the two deceaseds.

A TOLATA dispute in respect of a substantial commercial property in north London following disagreement between
the investors as to the future development of the building
and realisation of the investment.

Dispute between elderly widow, her daughter and her son concerning his management of the deceased’s substantial property estate allegedly in fraudulent breach of his duties to the other family members.

TOLATA claim by executors against deceased former partner
for the benefit of the children of the relationship.

Dispute between beneficiaries as to testamentary capacity
and undue influence over alcoholic testator.

Restitutionary claim by pension company against scheme member following mistaken over-payment.

Claim by trustee in bankruptcy of an estate against
the son of the deceased in respect of an undervalued
property arrangement.

Claim for unjust enrichment by a firm of accountants against
a no-win-no-fee tax specialist following a recovery by HMRC
of substantial avoided tax against their client.

VAT Tracing claim by a in respect of monies advanced for the purpose of acquiring shares pursuant to alleged oral and implied agreements between various parties.
Claims by trustees in bankruptcy in respect of sham trusts.
Dispute between parents and widow of an intestate in respect of outstanding lifetime loans and commercial transactions.

Probate dispute between three siblings in respect of the effect on entitlements to two estates, those of the mother and of an aunt, following the discovery of lifetime payments by the aunt
in circumstances giving rise to questions of mental capacity.

Dispute between beneficiaries and trustees following the settlement of an intestate's estate in Tenerife, apparently
in accordance with a "Letter of Wishes", including issues
of entitlement, interpretation, legal capacity and effect.

Dispute between joint trustees (and beneficiaries) regarding
the accounting for lifetime payments by a Deputy under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and related issues of capacity in respect
of two wills.

Dispute between father, daughter and sibling over access to and use of trust funds during father's detention by HMP for sex offences against children.

Various claims between former partners and related third-party investors under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.

Probate dispute as to the respective entitlements of sibling beneficiaries to the ownership and control of an inherited nursing home business.

Issues between trustees of landholding trust and various agricultural and business tenants.

Claims between charitable trusts in the education sector, relating to termination of collaboration agreement and division
of intellectual property rights in course materials and territorial rights to enroll for courses developed under the agreement.

Claims of fiduciary duties and breach against an external accountant acting as finance director and adviser.

Claim against former finance manager for misappropriation.

Numerous disputes involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty against directors.

Claim for breach of fiduciary duties and in particular secret profits and conflict of interests against former managing director.

Commercial claim by charitable trust against
photocopier supplier.

Dispute involving schools academies trust, the local authority auditor, the headmaster and the trust’s directors over the entitlement of the head to enhanced remuneration resulting from consultancy services provided to other schools.

Several disputes involving claims by liquidators against former directors for breach of trust in dealing with company assets.

Stuart has experience of litigating and advising on a number
of trust-related disputes, including the following:

Acting for main bankers in providing evidence to SFO investigating use of pension scheme assets to secure corporate borrowing in breach of trust.

Dispute between trustees and licensor relating to collection
of firewood on trust estate.

Tracing claims against third parties involving various jurisdictions relating to the misappropriation and movement
of trust assets.

Advising Jersey trustee company in guarantee claims by various bank beneficiaries.

Numerous Mareva and Anton Piller applications relating
to allegations against fiduciaries of breach of trust.

Advising on breaches of trust relating to use of joint venture funds in middle-east engineering project.

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