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employment & pensions

Stuart has mediated the following employment and pensions disputes:

Claims against former employee and associates for breach of confidentiality and unlawful means conspiracy in diverting customers in waste management industry.

High profile claims and counterclaims between ex-wife of a Russian oligarch and her executive manager involving allegations of tax evasion, deceit, breach of trust, wrongful and unfair dismissal.

Claim against former employee and new employer for return of confidential information and compensation for breach of restrictive covenants.

Claim by five former employees for enhanced redundancy payments based on contractual rights alleged to have been incorporated through custom and practice over a period of 30 years of industrial relations until closure of the plant.

Claim for wrongful termination and consequential Good Leaver status for the purpose of share buy-back provisions.

Unfair prejudice and wrongful and unfair dismissal claim by minority shareholder/director following termination for alleged inappropriate behaviour towards staff.

Claim by employer and shareholder against sales director and shareholder for fraudulent expenses claims.

Claim for enhanced pension benefits under the Police Federation scheme on the grounds of injury in the course of duty.

Claim for outstanding payments by a former CEO, through a special purpose vehicle, of a professional rugby club against the funding sponsor of the appointment.

Claims by an FM company against senior employees for breach of covenants, use of confidential information and bribery, and cross-claims for bonuses.

Claim following successful interim injunction application against a former senior executive for breach of worldwide covenants and use of confidential information in the asset management of aircraft engines and engine parts.

Restitutionary claim by pension company against scheme member for mistaken over-payment.

Senior executive claim against business process outsourcing plc for introducer commissions.

£1m public company senior executive claim, and £5m counterclaim, arising out of publicly announced financial irregularities.

Dispute between partnership and outgoing partner and employee of insolvency practice.

Claim for 5m for wrongful and unfair dismissal by managing director of agency worker/temporary labour provider following dispute with principal shareholder, including claim for discretionary bonus.

Claim for contractual entitlements of 1m+ by outgoing independent chairman of pre-profit audio technology company.

Numerous shareholder disputes involving allegations of breach of directors’ duties and employment contracts.

Various claims against former employees for breach of restrictive covenants and misuse of confidential and company information.

Claim against employee for fraud.

Various stand-alone claims for breach of fiduciary and other directors’ duties.

Claim for constructive dismissal by former CEO of listed company following discovery of accounting irregularities.

Claim by former CEO of quasi-Government body for
constructive dismissal.

Stuart has experience of litigating and advising on disputes involving employment and pensions issues. Examples include:

Claim against employer in the building sector by a former
chief executive over multi-million-pound pensions and other compensation rights.

High-profile stress and mental illness claim against University and NHS co-employers based on allegations of harassment and negligence and including significant claims for pension losses.

Claims and counterclaims for constructive dismissal and fraud between senior executive employee and employer in wholesale groceries sector.

Fraud investigation into former chief executive and subsequent claim for wrongful dismissal involving construction equipment manufacturer.

Claims by kitchen manufacturer against employee following receipt of confidential and proprietary information from employee of competitor.

Claims by window-frame manufacturer against former employees for misuse of confidential and proprietary information and breach of restrictive covenants.

Post-acquisition dispute between individual founding shareholder and acquirer of business in building maintenance sector over management control and valuations during earn-out period.

Stress and mental illness claim brought by employee following change in working practices against employer publishing company, including claims for pension rights and stock options.

Advising construction-equipment manufacturer in introducing employee-protection measures following threats from former employee and shareholder.

Investigation of activities of departing employees by frame manufacturer and subsequent claims for breach of restrictive covenant and misuse of confidential and proprietary information.

Claims against employees for breach of restrictive covenants and misuse of confidential and proprietary information.

Advising employer in commercial aspects of disciplinary investigation and proceedings against current chief executive for unauthorised transactions.

Investigation by waste oils recycling company and proceedings against employee arising out of involvement in unlawful transactions.

Dispute between listed company and employee over terms of share option agreement following claim for constructive dismissal.

Dispute between specialist software provider and former director and founding shareholder over compensation and shares following removal.

Dispute between investment company and former director over performance issues and alleged constructive dismissal.

Claims against listed set-top box manufacturer by former employees for misrepresentation of rules relating to exercise of stock options.

Dispute between property development company and non-executive director following removal for conflict of interest and secret profit.

Investigation by agricultural machinery manufacturer into expenses claims of senior employees.

Dispute between investment company and senior manager over terms of compensation following acquisition.

Claim against data-back-up and storage provider by former employer for bonus and commission relating to renewed contract.

Claim by set-top box manufacturer against former consultant for breach of confidentiality in posting technical information in cv on web-site.

Dispute between specialist software supplier and former manager over compensation following performance-related termination.

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employment and pensions
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