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Specific credits in the directories for IT disputes include the following:

"Technology disputes form the backbone of Stuart Chapman's practice ..."
(Chambers 2008)

"... his forte is in high-value technology disputes"
(Chambers 2007)

"... Stuart Chapman, a specialist in technology disputes ..."
(Legal 500 2007)

"Currently involved in most of the group's high-value technology disputes, he gained marketplace respect as a 'polished and thorough' advocate" (Chambers 2006)

"... Stuart Chapman ... enjoys an excellent reputation advising on high-value technology disputes ..."
(Legal 500 2005)

"His niche lies in high-value technology disputes"
(Chambers 2003-4)

"For IT-related disputes there's no finer lawyer than Stuart Chapman"
(Legal 500 2003)

"... Stuart Chapman excels in technology litigation"
(Legal 500 2002)

Stuart has mediated the following technology disputes:

Claims and cross-claims regarding territorial rights and termination in respect of an agreement for the distribution of engineering technology in the energy industry.

Claim for payment for software and implementation costs for fleet management system, and counterclaim for rescission.

Claim for breaches of confidentiality in relation to poaching of senior employees between parties to an international domain name registrar and support contract.

Dispute as to the effect of non-compliance with contractual formalities on entitlement to payment for provision of contract labour in IT industry.

Claim for invoices defended on the grounds of bribery in the procurement of the contract.

Termination dispute regarding failed project for the supply of telematics services and devices for the motor insurance industry.

Claims and counterclaims arising out of abandoned project for the integration of financial and ordering software in an online fresh food business.

Claim for fees for services and licence for software under contract in public sector defended on grounds of frustration due to renationalisation of the service.

Claims and counterclaims in respect of a joint venture agreement relating to the supply of systems to the offshore wind energy industry.

Dispute relating to the development of a climate change analytics product for fund and investment managers.

Claim for damages for sub-standard coding and delayed project delivery in respect of an ecommerce platform and e-shop in the publishing sector.

Claim for maintenance invoices and counterclaim for damages for failure to fix a software defect in commercial photocopying machines.

Distressed project dispute in the rail infrastructure sector involving issues of scope creep, requirements, delays and contractual risk.

Dispute regarding the scope of and integration of a suite of healthcare systems in the context of an NHS Trustís decision whether to terminate or agree an exit from the contract, or to renegotiate a baseline functional specification and timetable.

Claim for contractual costs following termination for breach of a contract for the management of marketing media channels in a large chain of retail stores.

Dispute between rail infrastructure organisation and framework IT supplier regarding delays to and scoping of project for gateway platform.

Dispute between global BPO supplier and multi-national FTSE100 company as to run charges and transition charges in £20m global outsourcing project following alleged failures on both sides regarding localisation of processes and delivery.

Counterclaim for project delays against supplier of technology to nuclear arms industry.

Dispute between former co-investors regarding the duties of an investor regarding competition in the international payment services market.

US$5m claim by group of investors against guarantor of a failed international mobile payments technology company.

Claim by university against former IT director and associates for various procurement frauds.

Claim and counterclaim in respect of the development of an ecommerce website platform for an equestrian supplies business.

Claim for breach of trust, breach of contract and breach of confidence by main contractor against sub-contractor following sub-contractor's take-over of contract for development of off-shore oil industry IT system.

Dispute between remaining shareholders and outgoing chairman/shareholder of a pre-profit audio technology business valued at £20m+ by funding.

Claim by parcels carrier against insured supplier for project delays, defects and misrepresentations in respect of the design and implementation of an ERP system, and counterclaim for fees.

Claim by listed supermarket chain against international end-to-end IT service provider in respect of project delays and defects relating to an HR and payroll system for 400 stores, and counterclaim for fees.

Claim by clothes designer and manufacturer in respect of project delays and defects in sales and inventory tracking software, and counterclaim for fees.

Dispute between sports governing body and league representatives and supplier and operator of LED screen advertising technology.

Stuart has experience of litigating and advising on IT disputes. Examples include:

Dispute between listed supplier and telecoms company following termination of a major project mobile telecoms portal project, following delays and issues of software quality.

Claim by engineering toolmaker against US supplier of CAD-CAM software arising from functionality issues.

Claim against AIM-listed software supplier by Local Authority for delays and defective payroll software.

Claims between set-top box manufacturers and patent-owners relating to MPEG technology rights.

Claims by NHS Trust for delay and defective software against US-owned supplier of hospital management software.

Dispute between payroll system supplier and manager and truck-rental company over service levels and functionality issues.

Claim against software development company by revenue collections company for delays and defective software.

Claims by PC assembler in claims against chip supplier relating to defective chips.

Dispute between multi-national chemical distributor and ERP system supplier following delays and functionality issues and interfacing difficulties.

Claim in Munich by German bank against software supplier for delays and functionality issues following termination of project.

Dispute between bank and system supplier and administrator over operation of payroll system.

Various disputes over terms and performance of data-back-up and storage contracts.

Claims brought by Spanish distributor for firm-ware system defects against designer and manufacturer of vehicle-tracking devices and related systems.

Dispute between quarry products company and software supplier over functionality and delays in implementation of management information system.

Claim by London Borough against IT supplier over delays in implementation and contested termination.

Dispute between set-top box manufacturer and Dutch distributor over product quality issues.

Dispute between distributor and hardware manufacturer over terms of reseller agreement and alleged parallel importing.

Claim against listed supplier by construction company for defective software and delayed implementation.

Dispute between logistics company and software supplier following under-sizing of mainframe and resultant under-performance of system.

Dispute between university publishing and book-wholesaling company and system-supplier arising out of defects in computer-controlled order-processing, book–picking, replenishment and order-fulfilment system.

Claim against ERP and MRP system supplier by furniture manufacturer for delays and functionality issues.

Dispute between regional NHS Trust and system supplier over delays in implementation and functionality issues with management information system.

Dispute between printing company and system-supplier over implementation delays and functionality issues in print-management and financial information system.

Dispute between system-supplier and main contractor over scope and termination payments in relation to the data-spine for the NHS National Programme for IT.

Claim by bidder against local constabulary over failure to follow advertised OJEC procurement procedure.

Dispute between customer in defence industry and supplier of management information system over delays and functionality issues.

Claim by main contractor against sub-contractor supplier of telecoms portal software.

Dispute between set-top box manufacturer and Israeli distributor over contract terms and product quality issues
Employment & Pensions.

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