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Stuart has mediated the following international disputes:

Contractual claims and counterclaims under multi-territory international jewellery distribution agreement.

Claims and cross-claims regarding territorial rights and termination in respect of an agreement for the distribution of engineering technology in the energy industry.

Dispute between US investors and Uruguayan company over ownership of valuable domain name, involving issues of Uruguayan insolvency law and international domain name rules and regulators.

Claim by Russian investors against UK property developers for fraud and against Russian and off-shore fellow investors/promoters for conspiracy.

Claim for breaches of confidentiality in relation to poaching of senior employees between parties to an international domain name registrar and support contract.

Claims and counterclaims in respect of a joint venture agreement relating to the supply of systems to the offshore wind energy industry.

Claims by Danish pension fund investors against Spanish contractor and guarantor for non- and late completion of four solar EPC projects, including claims for liquidated damages, direct construction costs and for reduced tariffs and ROCs.

Dispute between former co-investors regarding the duties of an investor regarding competition in the international payment services market.

US$5m claim by group of investors against guarantor of a failed international mobile payments technology company.

Dispute between Belgian growers and UK distributor of potato crops as to quality and grading of product.

Claims between Russian and Chinese interests in the ownership and operation of digital advertising sites on UK motorways.

Claim under UNCITRAL arbitration between Chinese manufacturer and Brazilian distributor of construction machinery in respect of sales commissions.

Mediation of jurisdiction, insurance, costs and local ADR-process issues in respect of claims in New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands, France, India, Isle of Man, Spain, Belgium, Botswana, Poland, the Seychelles, Zambia and Mauritius following worldwide product recall of certain orthopaedic medical devices.

Dispute (mediated in Istanbul) between Iranian purchasers of a Russian cargo of oil and two parties, Turkish and Turkmeni, in the supply chain between the supplier and purchaser, involving lawyers from Geneva, Tehran, Dubai, Istanbul and Moscow.

Claim by Swiss medical devices manufacturer against supplier of precision alloy castings under contract, regarding tolerances in materials, involving international regulatory issues and issues of Swiss law and product liability.

Dispute between a UK bank and a US technology company arising out of termination of a contract to provide security technology services to a worldwide card payment system.

Dispute between Chinese introducers and UK drinks distributor regarding commissions flowing from a distribution agreement with a Chinese state brewery.

Dispute between family shareholders regarding ownership of various properties in Bangladesh.

Mediation conducted via Skype between parties in Wales and New Zealand regarding a sensitive and high-profile government environmental contract.

Mediation in Jersey of an insurance claim in respect of a substantial residential property destroyed by fire.

Dispute in respect of a contract to evaluate the effectiveness of international aid in India.

Claims for property damage and business interruption by commercial end-user against dealer, distributor and Italian manufacturer of trucks following series of engine fires and worldwide product recall notices.

Dispute in respect of a final account in relation to a residential building contract in Tuscany.

Dispute between German insurer and UK insured for business interruption and property damage following suspicious fire.

Multiple professional negligence claims between UK bank and Irish insurer.

Commercial agency dispute between US supplier and UK agent of plumbing and bathroom products.

International supply contract between Italian manufacturer and UK distributor, including jurisdictional issues.

Dispute between members of the Iranian community in relation to various business interests and the terms of settlement of prior disputes.

Stuart has experience of litigating and advising on disputes involving international and non-UK-based companies and institutions, as well as jurisdictional disputes. Examples include:

Proceedings at the request of the Spanish court against UK medical devices company to produce evidence.

Dispute between grower and competing purchasers over contract price of beans grown in Ivory Coast.

ICC arbitration in Paris and The Hague between defence systems supplier and Iranian Government over arms contract.

Provision of English legal opinion on material breach and repudiation in proceedings in Munich by German bank against UK software provider.

Claim against UK revenue-collection company on termination of collection agreement with US encyclopaedia supplier.

Dispute between multi-national chemical distributor and US manufacturer over European termination rights.

Claim against Serbian copper-supplier in dispute over pricing agreement following volatility in market prices.

Forfeiture proceedings by French oil company in respect of petrol stations owned by UK distributor in dispute.

Belgian arbitration in respect of SPA warranty claim between UK printing group and listed company following acquisition of European division of printing businesses.

Dispute between UK listed multi-national supplier and German listed multi-national telecoms company following termination of a major mobile telecoms portal project.

Claim by UK engineering toolmaker against US supplier arising from functionality issues with CAD-CAM software.

Multi-jurisdictional dispute between set-top box manufacturers and patent owners in respect of MPEG technology.

Claim by NHS Trust for delay and defective software against US-owned supplier of hospital management software.

Dispute between multi-national chemical distributor and Dutch ERP supplier following delayed implementation and functionality issues.

Claims brought by Spanish distributor in respect of defective products against designer and manufacturer of vehicle-tracking devices and related systems.

Multi-jurisdictional dispute between set-top box manufacturer and Dutch distributor over product quality issues and contract terms.

Claims in the UK under Cayman Island tracing proceedings against multiple defendants.

Claims under guarantees by former Spanish subsidiary against UK listed parent company.

Claims under guarantees by third party Spanish finance company and Spanish bank against UK listed parent company.

Advising Dutch company on validity and enforceability of claims against Dutch guarantor under Korean loan notes and English law guarantee.

Claims by German company under UK guaranteed futures.

Proceedings against Jersey trustee company in guaranteed claims by beneficiaries

Advising on potential claims against sub-prime lender on sale of European loan book.

Claims by US companies under guarantees against individual defendants.

Dispute between UK bank and joint venture counter-party arising from property development in Portugal.

Application to set aside statutory demand by creditor against Spanish bank.

Dispute between sub-ocean pipeline engineering company and Asian customer arising out of specification and performance of pipeline “pigs”.

Claim by Dutch customer against US-owned manufacturer of plastic bearings in respect of performance and specification of bearings used in manufacturing process.

Dispute between engineering contractor and Iranian customer over contract terms and the specification and performance of drilling equipment.

Dispute between multi-national supplier and French customer over specification and performance of electrical components.

Claim by distributor against Italian manufacturer over specification and performance of furniture.

Arbitration proceedings between multi-national engineering group and Greek company over specification and performance of liquid gas equipment to project in the middle-east.

Claim by Finnish manufacturer and supplier of pressure vessels against sub-contractor over specification and performance of high pressure system.

Dispute between Dutch supplier and main contractor over specification and performance of filtration membranes.

Claim against distributor by Indian manufacturer of chemical products over product specification.

Claims brought by Spanish distributor against designer and manufacturer of vehicle-tracking devices and related systems.

Dispute between UK textile manufacturer and Turkish supplier of yarn over specification and technical performance issues.

Arbitration proceedings between Swiss reinsurance company and Indonesian counterparty over terms of retrocession treaty.

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