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testimonials - AS A MEDIATOR

(Each piece of feedback is from a different individual)
“It was a difficult case. I felt that Stuart’s handling of it was very sensitive to the particular circumstances we were dealing with. I was comfortable to rely on Stuart’s judgement as to the best way to handle the mediation perhaps to a greater extent than I have been with other mediators, because I really felt that he’d invested the time to understand the dynamics. He was very good.”
Partner, International law firm

“The thing that I think is most important for a mediator is to put both sides under pressure and yet not leave the feeling with either side that he lacks empathy or that he is against them. It’s quite a tricky line and a good mediator, and he was a good mediator, will walk that line successfully.”

Barrister, London

“He’s very insightful and very calm and very considered. I think that sums it up in a nutshell.”
Head of Legal/Company Secretary, UK manufacturing plc

“I have had the opportunity to experience, first hand, a significant number of the most highly regarded mediators in this country in operation. Stuart Chapman is, in my view, up there with the best of them. He has the key skills required. He is able to bring his substantial legal experience to bear in quickly understanding complex issues. He also has the necessary "people skills". He develops trust with the parties and is patiently persistent in assisting them towards a consensual resolution. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart as a mediator."
Partner, Regional law firm

“I’ve seen a number of mediators now in the last few years, and I thought his manner was very, very good. I’ve seen one or two mediators who get involved a bit too aggressively, he doesn’t, even though he’s a lawyer and you know he knows the law, he guides more than gets involved, which I think is absolutely essential as a mediator.

He has got a very, very calm and reflective manner. You know where he’s going with what he says, and he certainly seems to get the respect of the other lawyers and barristers and clients in the room. He certainly did on our side that day.

I have to say I went up to him at the end of that one and I told him I thought he’d done a fantastic job on that particular day.”

Partner, Forensic Accounting, UK accounting firm

“His management of the dynamics within each of the parties and ability to tease out the objectives and requirements of each was at the heart of the creation of the environment in which the compromise was achieved. I have actively participated in dozens of mediations, with a wide variety of qualification of mediator, and I can honestly say that this was the best yet in terms of the process as well as the outcome.”
Partner, Regional law firm

“Very satisfactory. Very pleasant. Hard working. Didn’t over impose himself on the parties, but worked hard to bring the parties together when I think he could see that that work was potentially going to bear fruit. He didn’t give up on it even though at times maybe a lesser person might have been tempted to do so.

I think the best thing I can say is that I didn’t know him before this mediation, hadn’t heard of him, and he was nominated by the other side. Having now seen him in action, I’ve mentioned him to other people and I would put him on my short list of people to suggest.”

Partner, International law firm

“He has, obviously from his past life, a good understanding of what clients are actually looking for – what amounts to a successful or satisfactory outcome from a client’s point of view. He’s good in that sense at looking for a deal that might be acceptable. Actually having the perspective, the nous to realise what it is precisely that clients are looking for. I think that’s really, really useful. The best I can say really is that I recommend him in cases that I’m involved in and I don’t recommend very many people.”
Barrister, Leeds

“I’d say he’s probably the best mediator I’ve been with. [Other mediators] were good but didn’t add as much value, were more of a conduit. I think Stuart feels the need to add value to the message that has been given, so that you feel it’s being given with some critical analysis not just “this is what they say, that’s it”.”
Partner, Regional law firm
“Frankly I don’t think there was actually anything he could have done better. As a mediator he did his job thoroughly, properly and in a way that personally I wanted. That was the way I think I would like to do it if I could do it.”
Partner, Regional law firm

“Excellent in a word – he got on extremely well with the client, he got straight to the point, there was no hanging around. He was there to achieve exactly what we wanted to achieve which was a settlement. He got to work very quickly. He got the parties together. He got the parties talking. He cut through the mist that always flies around in a mediation to get to the substantive issues and to work through those.

I’d certainly use him again, without a shadow of a doubt, and I’ve recommended him to others already.”

Associate, Regional law firm

“He had the facts at his finger tips, he was able to understand the issues. It was clear that he was able to form his own view without seeking to impose that view on the parties. Whatever he thought, he retained that degree of independence to enable the parties to retain their trust in him. He was able to develop a significant degree of empathy with the respective parties, and the trust he was able to develop assisted in the subsequent resolution. I think without that we’d probably still have a hearing pending before the Court of Appeal.”
Partner, Regional law firm

“It was a very difficult dispute with personalities writ large all over it, and there were big emotions going on all over the place - he was very good at keeping those in check. He was quietly competent on the law, so he was able to test our side and indeed the other side quite effectively to make sure that we understood what our position was. He’s basically above all else a good lawyer, he was able to understand what the heck was going on, which helps when you’re mediating because you can wheedle out from people whether or not their position is completely tenable or not.”
Partner, Regional law firm

“He identified the issues in dispute quite closely and he wasn’t a passive mediator, he wasn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in, querying people’s positions on matters, dealing with the more complex legal points and testing out positions. He wasn’t a mediator who just turns up, does the mediation and goes away. There was quite a lot of interaction with the parties prior to the mediation, and also thereafter. Having seen him in action I would certainly use him again.”
Partner, UK law firm

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